Methods To Stream Into Facebook

1. Single usb mic into pc into Facebook.
- could also be your phone
- fairly bullet proof
- but raw dry sound
2. Mic and guitar into acoustic amp and either remicced or DI'd with webcam into Facebook.
- control of balance, tone and reverb
- but slight loss of true acoustic quality
- ideally you need a Megabucks acoustic amp.
3. Double mic into interface box into pc into Facebook.
- tune balance between guitar and vocal
- don't need guitar amp.
- can add effects to vocal through helicon pedals.
- can substitute instead of guitar+mic electric guitar plus guitar effects pedal. But problem emerges in monitoring electric guitar which ideally needs a monitor and AB pedal.
- but prone to losing a channel if you aren't careful!
- and raw dry sound
5. Multi channel mixed in OBS Studio and into Facebook.
- can have many channels eg vocal, guitar, stompy drums.
- can record yourself prior to broadcast to get mix right
- could use effects pedals on vocal and electric guitar as above, or ....
- can use studio VST plugins to add reverb, eq, gating, distortion for guitar.
- but OBS ((usually) no good for monitoring what actually is going out.
- it starts to introduce audio routing complexity so needs a lot of testing.
6. Multi channel mixed in a DAW called Reaper and piped through OBS Studio to Facebook.
- ultimate flexibility - it's effectively a live studio recording going out
- even greater wealth of effects plugins available
- low latency monitoring in Reaper means you can hear yourself at last.
- uses similar techniques to recording so it's 2 birds with 1 stone.
- but plugins have to be chosen with low latency in mind, so pretty much rules out autotune and choose reverb carefully.
- you really need headphones to pick up monitoring.
- one way or another you are likely to end up spending money on Reaper and plugins.
- not a lot of info on this method yet!